04 December 2012

{HR Mom} Handbook on Workers' Statutory Monetary Benefits

I am glad that the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) - Bureau of Working Conditions released the Handbook on Workers' Statutory Monetary Benefits (2012 Edition).  I am an HR Practitioner but I certainly do not memorize the Labor Code and its Implementing Rules and Guidelines.  I was certainly delighted when I got a copy of the handbook because it is updated and well-summarized.

The Handbook contains the compliance guidelines on:
  1. Minimum Wage
  2. Holiday Pay 
  3. Premium Pay 
  4. Overtime Pay 
  5. Night Shift Differential 
  6. Service Charges 
  7. Service Incentive Leave
  8. Maternity Leave 
  9. Paternity Leave
  10. Parental Leave for Solo Parents
  11. Leave for Victims of Violence Against Women and Their Children
  12. Special Leave for Women
  13. Thirteenth-Month Pay
  14. Separation Pay
  15. Retirement Pay
  16. Benefits Under the Employees' Compensation Program
  17. Philhealth Benefits
  18. SSS Benefits
The Handbook includes information about the Parental Leave for Solo Parents and Special Leave for Women.  I am glad they included it in the handbook because not all working moms know the details of these leave benefits.  Yes, aside from Service Incentive Leave (commonly known as Vacation Leave and Sick Leave) and Maternity Leave, there are other leave benefits that some women are entitled to.

I suggest you get a copy and read the handbook.  Though our employers should be fully informed of their obligations, it is important that we, as employees, are knowledgeable about our Constitutionally-protected and guaranteed rights.

You may visit the website of DOLE - Bureau of Working Conditions to download the Handbook.

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