06 December 2012

{Road Trip} Building Memories

According to my blog stats, our family Road Trips are the most viewed posts in my blog.  Road Trip started as a segment for summer:

Don and I work out-of-home so spending time with Julia has always been our concern.  Every day, we wake up early.  We spend the 1st few minutes cuddling, kissing and hugging Julia.  We never fail to tell her that we miss her and we love her.  We spend the rest of the day in the office and when we arrive home, she is already asleep.  We work six times a week, which leaves us with only one whole day to spend with her.

I certainly envy work at home moms and stay at home moms.   They are as busy as work out of home moms but I like it that their schedule is flexible and they can be with their children at home.  People close to me know that I do not dream of climbing further the corporate ladder.  I love the career I have chosen but ever since Julia was born, I have been yearning stay home to be with my daughter.  My friends would often tell me that I should just resign and stay home.  I would love to but it’s not that easy.

We do not want our circumstances to dictate the welfare of our family so Don and I decided to use our Sundays to build memories with Julia.  It is the only rest day we have so we will make the most out of it. 

So every Sunday, after Julia’s Kindermusik class, we go to a place where we can walk, run, eat and just hang out.  We love going to parks and museums!  Explore places we have never been to and sometimes, we go back to places we love.  When our routine is interrupted by errands and other factors (like my MIL vacationing in the US and my parents visiting us), we still spend time together… either we stay home or go to our favorite malls.  Yaya Lani happily stays home so she can have a day of rest without Julia (Sunday is a no-yaya day).

More than the destination, I realized that for us, “road trip” means “time to build memories with Julia”.  It does not matter where we go and what we do, the important thing is, we are together and we do things together to strengthen our relationship as a family.  

I am glad “Road Trip” helps moms know and discover places for family bonding and I look forward to sharing more of our road trips with all of you. 

What’s your “road trip”?  How do you spend quality time with your family?  
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