19 December 2012

We Love Sundays, Kindermusik and Julia's Teachers

A few weeks ago, Julia completed Kindermusik's Our Time "Fiddle-dee-dee" with Teacher Jeannie and Company (TJC).  We had so much fun in class!  Julia learned about animals, different colors, actions and sounds and of course, she had fun interacting with her classmates.

Our family with Teacher Maya and Teacher Oli
(PS - Please ignore my eye bags!)
We are so proud of Julia.  She can now understand and follow instructions.  She can speak more words and can already communicate using short sentences.  She is so active!  She can hop, run, bounce, sway from side to side and of course, her favorite, roll over!  We also noticed a lot of positive changes in the development of her social skills because she gets to play and interact with other kids.  I love situations where she pushes a classmate or grab someone else's musical instrument because I have the opportunity to talk to her and explain that such action is bad and hurtful.  I am also able to teach humility by saying sorry and thank you.

I am so glad I "stumbled" upon Kindermusik at Kidzville, Podium.  At that time, I was looking for a summer activity for Julia that fits our schedule.  I was so excited to see the words SUNDAY written on Kindermusik TJC's leaflet that I immediately sent a text message to the number on the leaflet.  Within minutes (seriously!), I received a call from Teacher Maya.  And that was the start of our beautiful experience with Teacher Jeannie and Company.  Needless to say, we are currently enrolled for another semester and here are the reasons why:

The Learning Experience

Our Sunday classes are filled with singing, dancing and having fun.  Through activities and instruments, Julia is able to learn about listening and following movements.  She knows more words because of sound imitation, story telling and role playing.  I am amazed how simple activities can be a meaningful learning experience to a child.

During class, parents learn too.  Teacher Jeannie shares the different ways we can engage our child at home through music and fun activities.  She encourages us to be resourceful and creative in making our home a learning environment for Julia.

The take-home materials we received on the first day of class allowed us to have our own little class in our  room.  Yaya Lani attended one class so she knows how to do the actions for most songs when they listen to the home CD.  Kindermusik is definitely part of Julia's daily schedule.

The Learning Environment

Imagine a room with about 10 toddlers with equally excited and eager parents.  Chaos?  Not at all!  Our Time is specially designed for kids ages 1.5 to 3 years old.  Our class gives Julia and her classmates the opportunity to explore, learn and play.  The activities help develop their mind, emotions & body and improve their cognitive and social skills.

The moment we step inside the room, Julia's face lights up like she is in a familiar, comfortable and safe place.  She would giggle and stomp her feet with excitement.  Before I know it, she is no longer by my side.  The truth is, it is difficult to keep her by our side.  Other parents probably hear me call out her name numerous times.  She would walk around, play with her classmate's instruments or grab Teacher Jeannie's iPod Touch or microphone.

Sometimes, when that happens, I get frustrated.  Why can't she sit through the entire story telling activity, why won't she sit with us and play with the musical instruments, why, why, why!  Almost right on queue, Teacher Jeannie will give me that reassuring nod or smile.  She would engage Julia by demonstrating the activity to her or by holding her hand or by dancing with her.  Julia will start to follow or participate until she sees another distraction (a colorful pillow, a classmate's musical instrument or toy or a little boy that she wants to hug).

We love Teacher Jeannie, Teacher Maya and Teacher Oli!  Teaching toddlers (and dealing with parents, too) is never easy but they do it with so much passion and patience!  As the wise saying goes, do something that you love and you will never work a day in your life.  We see how committed they are in making our 45 minutes class session worthwhile.  I often ask Teacher Jeannie where she gets her energy because I want them NOW!  Haha!

The Lasting Memories

If you read my blog, you probably know that my husband and I work 6 days a week.  Sunday is our day with Julia.  We build memories by being consistent with our activities.  We go to church, we attend our Kindermusik class and of course, we go out for our road trips.  Most Sundays we can't do all three, but we make sure we are together.

Don and I are grateful for Kindermusik.  We always attend our class as a family, except of course when Don is out on a business trip.  We learn together, we have fun together.  It is a perfect way to bond as a family. Don and I take turns in participating during class.  We are a tag team but "participating" means holding Julia's hand, carrying her and doing some of the activities with her.  Julia prefers to be with Daddy so most of the time, I just sing, clap and tap some instruments :-)

We are usually tired after class but Don and I agree that there is no better way to spend our Sunday morning than learning and having fun with Julia.  I look forward to our new adventure, Milk & Cookies, this semester and I can't wait to share them all to you :-)

What are your favorite learning activities with your child?  
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