28 December 2012

Yep, It's My Birthday!

I used to count the days before my birthday.  When I was a child, my parents would spend for my birthday every year.  My mom's yummy molo and I take center stage on that occasion.  From age 1 to 18, family and friends look forward to my birthday party.  I look forward to that day -- new dress, lots of gifts and attention.

Today, when you ask me my age, you will see my fingers move.  Yes, I'm counting.  I seriously have to do that because I keep on forgetting my age.  I am not kidding when I say I stopped counting when turned 30!  Anyway, I miss my birthday parties when I was a little girl, but my birthday now is not all about what I received but what what I was able to give.  My birthday signals a new beginning and a new life... living each year with purpose and meaning so I can give glory to my Father that blessed me with my life.

Birthday Cake

This morning, Don asked me if I'm happy.  I stared at him blankly.  Am I happy?  Yes, of course.  But, did I let another year pass without meaning and significance?  I feel like I nursed a lot of pain, anger and pride.  I missed out on a lot of opportunities to strengthen and foster meaningful relationships with family and friends.  I was too focused on keeping with the family schedule to make things work and I am now exhausted.  I cannot count how many times I have been to the hospital for check-ups and laboratory tests.  Don said it may be psychosomatic.

So am I happy?  Yes, of course.  But, I can be happier.  2012 is not my best year but I can make 2013 great.  Like I said, my birthday is an opportunity for a new beginning.  I recently decided to make some changes in my career (I promise to tell you all about it at the right time.) and it was not easy.  I promise to spend more time with people who matter to me and my family.  I will have time to meet new people and create new meaningful relationships.  I will not forget to reply to an email, a text message, a tweet or a blog comment.  I will give myself and Don appropriate me-times so we can grow and be better individuals.  I will make God the center of our life.

As I let go of my regrets and embrace my new life for 2013, I am, without doubt, very thankful for all my blessings.
  • I cannot find words to describe how much love I have Don and Julia.  Don is my HR.  He listens to me, motivates me and keeps me grounded.  He never hesitates to tell me the truth so I can improve.  Julia has opened my eyes and heart to a lot of realizations that made me a better daughter to my parents.  Knowing that she depends on me makes me strive to be a better person so I can be a better mom.
  • My relationship with my parents has improved a lot.  My dad is right, I will only understand them when I become a parent myself.  He will not be able to make up for all the "firsts", birthdays and graduations he missed but he is definitely working on being the best grandfather to his his grandchildren.
  • Our family is surrounded with love from family and friends.  Leaving my daughter with my mother-in-law when we are at work gives us peace of mind.  Her love for Julia and her generosity will always be appreciated.  My brother and his family are always there to support us.  When our judgement and planning skills fail us, my aunts and uncles willingly extend their time and resources to help us and lend a hand.  Our close friends, who we seldom see, still manage to send their regards and warm greetings for our family.
  • You can't imagine how thankful I am that I met new friends online.  I have not met all of them in person, but I receive so much love and support online.  Thank you to all of you who read and follow my blog.  Lastly, Cruisin' Mommyhood will not be where it is now if not for Martine, Patricia and Jenny.   
God taught me a lot this year... patience and submission to His will.  My 2012 is filled with trials and challenges but I have so many blessings to be thankful for.  I am overwhelmed by God's love!  2013 is another year, maybe it will be as difficult and challenging, but I know, with love from family and friends, I will be just fine.

A lot of friends and family members remembered my birthday today (thanks to Facebook, haha!).  Thank you for the greetings and well-wishes.  I look forward to a brighter and happier 2013!

What are you thankful for?  What do you look forward to next year?

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