03 January 2013

December 2012 Celebrations

We celebrated the holidays far from home.  We usually celebrate Christmas either with Don's family in Tarlac or with my family in Davao.  For Christmas 2012, we went to Subic.  Just us... Don, Julia and I (and of course, Yaya Lani).  We stayed in The Lighthouse and we love it there.  It was not crowded, we love our room and everyone working there were really nice.  During our stay at Subic, we went to Zoobic and Ocean Adventure.  I look forward to sharing our experiences with you soon on Road Trip.

For New Year, we went to the hometown of Don -- Moncada, Tarlac -- last December 30.  It was a fun trip as well.  My dad arrived from Davao after Christmas because he wants to spend more time with Julia (sweet, right?!), so he went with us to Tarlac.  While on the road, my dad was talking and sharing his work experiences non-stop!  They were hilarious and of course, will good moral lessons.  I will definitely share that with you too.  Anyway, we arrived around lunch time.  We gave Yaya Lani time to be with her family in Pangasinan so we were yaya-less for 2 days.

The next day, December 31, Julia gave gifts to the children around Don's ancestral home.  We then rushed to SM Rosales so we can buy and provide media noche to two families (Don's relatives and neighbors).  On New Year's Day, Don went to the town market to buy some fresh vegetables and fruits.  I stayed home and cooked brunch with my dad.  Yes, I cooked!  Oh, nothing fancy.  Just some omelette, haha!  My dad did most of the cooking.  I just chopped the onion, garlic and tomatoes.

I enjoyed our holiday celebrations.  Aside from Christmas and New Year, we had a lot more to celebrate -- Don's birthday, my Father-In-Law's birthday, my birthday and our nephews' (twins!) birthdays.  My phone was inside my bag most of the time and I barely touched my iPad and netbook.  I was on hiatus in social media.  I didn't take thousands of photos to document the trips (for the blog).  I didn't track time and we didn't follow a (my) schedule.  I thought I would be uncomfortable but Don was right, I did not notice at all.  Each day was well spent with my family.

I hope you all had wonderful and meaningful holiday celebrations.  Let us be thankful for 2013 and look forward to all the challenges and happiness that it will bring.  Cheers!

Back to Manila.  Back to work.  Back to reality.

Are you back to your daily routine?  How was did you celebrate Christmas and New Year?
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