08 January 2013

It's Official. New Year. New Life

It's official.  During our general assembly this morning, our company president announced my resignation effective January 25, 2013.  Yes, after 4 years, I am leaving the company I regard as my second home.  I love the company I work for and I love the people I work with.

In my 12 years of working as an HR practitioner, this is only the 3rd company I have joined.  The last two companies, I remember quite clearly how I took the afternoon off and came back the next day with a resignation letter.  I left with no hesitations, no regrets.

LMI is different.  I joined this company before its showroom officially opened to the public.  I am one of the pioneer team members of the company.  I am part of a very competent HR Team that was able to set up the office, finalize the construction punch list, set up human resources and administration policies and procedures, and institutionalize employee activities and programs.  I mean it when I said it became my second home.  The employees see me at my desk when they arrive and say goodbye to me (at my desk still) after 5:30pm.  The company and people behind it are not perfect, but it is the best team I have ever worked with.

It was not an easy decision.  I have been working six days a week for the past four years.  I remember during my interview with the president, he asked me if I am amenable to working on a Saturday.  I clearly remember my answer.  I said, "Yes."  I thought, I don't have anything better to do, anyway.  My life of course changed after I gave birth to Julia.  Suddenly, one day off is not enough.  I now have better things to do on a Saturday.

Don and I had long coffee dates to discuss our options and priorities.  I have asked a few friends to help us pray for discernment and spiritual guidance.  For the first time, my career was no longer just about me.  It has become a family matter.  It is not just about compensation and benefits or personal fulfillment and professional growth.  It is also about our Love Covenant to Julia.

I cannot begin to describe the sadness I feel right now.  I learned a lot and happy (as well as sad yet meaningful) memories will always be in my heart.  I am so blessed to have met good friends here.  I had some hesitations about resigning but definitely no regrets.  I am excited to spend my Saturdays with Don and Julia.  I will be joining another company next month and I am looking forward to meeting and working with new people.  I am hoping to gain new friends and  I expect to learn new things.

Moleskine from my iPad
A chapter in my life is about to end and it was a good one.  I am now ready for the next chapter that is about to unfold.  Wish me luck!

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