31 January 2013

My {Super Mom} Inspiration

Finally, I have time to blog.  My last week with my previous employer and the days following my last day of work have been crazy busy.  I am juggling household errands, mommy duties, completion of my pre-employment requirements and preparation of Julia's 2nd birthday celebration.  I seriously thought I will have time to slow down and rest before starting a new chapter in my life.  I was wrong!  I don't even have time to nap!

Being a mom, whether you are a WAHM, SAHM or WOHM, is never easy.  We have our own stories to tell.  One thing is for sure though, we need all the support we can get.  One of my learnings from It's a WAHMderful Life (I will share more about that soon... in the meantime, you may read about Chesca's post here.) seminar I attended, is the importance of having a support system.  Yes we have our family and friends, but it helps to belong to a community of moms who share the same feelings and concerns.  Moms who know EXACTLY how I feel.  Moms encourage and empathize, moms who provide support and inspiration.

This is the intention behind my blog segment Super Mom.  I am in constant search of regular moms who face life extraordinarily.  They are not perfect but they are moms I can identify with and learn from.  Moms who can give practical tips about household management, shopping, motherhood, and staying sane.  Moms who can share solutions to a problem or concern.  Moms who can inspire others to be a better mom.  So, if you ask me, we are all super moms!

Last year, I featured ten wonderful and inspiring Super Moms.  I am greatly honored that they allowed me to feature them and share snippets of their life to my readers.  Their interest and enthusiasm to inspire other moms is overwhelming.  Here are some of the things I learned from them:

When I asked Tin Torres of Sassy Hairsies about her blessings:  ...my family.  At the end of the day, it's the most important thing in the world.  As long as they're happy, fed and loved, I am contented.  The rest are just icing on the cake!  :-)

When I asked Jenny Ong of Chronicles of a Nursing Mom about how she manages her time:  ... having good help is essential.  I'm pleased to say that my help has been with me since Naima was born.  I've also trained them by sending them to cooking classes, to help me manage the household. 

When I asked Jasmine Mendiola about the most important lesson that her son taught her:  ...I'd like to think that we grow up together, I really didn't exactly know how to be parent before he came in the picture), it's that "hope" wells up when we begin to appreciate the people and the things that we have in our life rather than constantly desire what we don’t have. 

When I asked Neva Arboleda of Manila Mommy about management tips she can share to moms:  ..."simplify and see the bigger picture"  One of my writer heroes, Erma Bombeck said it perfectly: “No one ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed. I have known mothers who remake the bed after their children do it because there is wrinkle in the spread or the blanket is on crooked. This is sick.”  It's really about letting go of the small stuff that stand in the way of time with your loved ones :)

When I asked Mommy Fleur Sombrero about the challenges of working moms:  One of the challenges that I face is when mommy duties calls while I'm at work. This is super easy to solve: drop everything and attend to Anika. Regardless of how important that meeting is or how important the thing I am doing for work, if my daughter needs me, I will go to her. That simple =) 

When I asked Eliza Ypon of Painter's Wife about her tips for working moms:  Enjoy it!  Being able to provide for your family is a blessing and something to be proud of.  Never apologize for the opportunity.  Don't tell your children, "I'm sorry sweetheart, mommy has to work."  There's nothing to be sorry for.  Instead tell them, "Oh sweetheart, I know you miss me.  I miss you too!  But mommy works.  It's one of the ways I love you."  I think it's good for children to understand that working is important and something that their parents value.  Hopefully, they'll carry that for themselves and grow up knowing the importance of working for a living.

When I asked Jeannie Castillo of Kindermusik with TJC about balancing motherhood and career:  If I could offer a practical tip to working moms, it would be to -- do work that you absolutely love and that you find meaningful.  It's the only way to justify spending time away from home... doing work that will hopefully make a better world, and a better "mom" for your family. :-)

When I asked Jen Tan of Next9 about managing time and priorities:  Envision your day ahead:  Before I go to bed, I imagine how the following the will be to the minute details - what to do, where to go (routes to take), which ones to prioritize.  It has always helped me to accomplish most (if not all) the tasks I've set out to do.

When I asked Vera Paquiz of Valve e-Capture about spending quality time with family:  Moms should always plan their activities at least one day ahead.  That way, you will always find time for things that are important to you.

When I asked Frances Sales of Topaz Mommy about her role model:  Gwyneth Paltrow. I love her. She's my role model. She was a movie star and then she turned her back on her career when she got married and had her kids. She was gone from the spotlight for 5 years, which is eternity in Hollywood. Everyone said she was a has-been. This never bothered her. She said (and I wish I had the exact quote) that she's already reached the pinnacle of success in her mid-20s so it was time to move on to the next great adventure—marriage and kids! And now she's this huge star again, but not as a movie star but as a lifestyle guru and cookbook author. She's created a new career from her devotion to her family!

So, Super Mom, what is your typical day like and what are your super powers? ;-)

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