17 January 2013

{Road Trip} Holiday Fun at Subic

We had an almost-perfect holiday celebration last December 2012.  Don and I decided not to spend Christmas at either of our hometowns so we went to Subic!

The ride went very well, thanks to NLEX and SCTEX.  Me talking non-stop and Lays Barbeque kept Don awake the entire trip.  We also had a bag full of toys and books to keep Julia busy during the long ride.  Good thing she was asleep from NLEX all the way to Subic.  She was finally awake just in time to say hi to the monkeys!

We arrived Subic around lunch so we decided to go to Ocean Adventure because hotel check-in is scheduled at 2pm.  It was really hot and there were a lot of people.  We only stayed for the Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show and the Dolphin Show.  Julia wouldn't keep still for 2 minutes!  We figured she was tired and sleepy and she refuses to give in because she just wants to run a round.

We stayed at The Lighthouse Marina Resort Subic Bay.  My friend from the office recommended the resort because she stayed there during one of our company's event.  We stayed at the Aqua Veranda Suite and we love the room!  It was spacious and comfortable.  The guest personnel were very courteous and friendly.  Don was not very impressed with the food but overall we had a good experience.

On Christmas Day, Don and Julia went for a swim at the hotel pool.  They had so much fun!  Julia threw a tantrum after because she did not want to leave the pool!  So cute!  After lunch we went to Zoobic Safari.  Now here's the reason why our holiday celebration was "almost-perfect".  We arrived at Zoobic Safari around 3:30pm.  The line was not long but I took more than 10 minutes before I was able to get our tickets.

The tour is done in batches but there were a lot of guests so we were about 50 in our group!  FIFTY!  Fifteen minutes into the tour, I was already annoyed.  The Tiger Safari tour was the worse part.  The tour lasted less than 10 minutes but there were 3 groups ahead of us (an approximate of 150 people!  With about 4 jeeps with a capacity of fifteen, you can compute how long we waited for our turn!).  We got so impatient and annoyed.  When it was finally our turn, the tigers were so full that feeding was no longer allowed.  I was relieved actually.  Julia might be traumatized when she sees the tiger eat the chicken.  Don did not think so, but I was glad the tigers were full and sleepy.  So after the Tiger Safari tour, we decided to leave and go back to the hotel.  Thank goodness we brought our own car!

A few tips if you are planning to visit the 25-hectare amusement park:
  • If your child is less than three years old, you may want to defer going there.  The tour includes walking and riding a tram (you can bring your own car like we did).  You have to consider the dust, heat and insects.  If your child loves animals, then it will be worth the trip I guess.
  • If you decide to go there, make sure you bring your own car for the drive-thru attractions.  This way you can close your windows in case the road gets dusty.  
  • You must have the following with you:
    • anti-mosquito patch
    • alcohol
    • wet tissue 
    • umbrella
    • fan
    • baby carrier (please do not bring a stroller!)
  • Don't go there during the holidays.  Trust me, you don't want fifty people in your group.
Overall, our Subic adventure was a lot of fun.  We hope to have more out-of-town road trips this year.  Malacanang, through the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines, released the Nationwide Holidays and Non-working Holidays for 2013.  Click here and plan ahead for the long weekends (there are four!) with your family.

Ocean Adventure
Camayan Wharf, West Ilanin Forest Area
Subic Bay Freeport Zonr
Directions here and rates here.

The Lighthouse Marina Resort
Moonbay Marina Complex, Waterfront Road, CBD
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
(047) 252-5000 or (047)252-7545
Directions here and rates here.

Zoobic Safari
Group II Ilanin Forest
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
(047)252-2272 or 0929-7072222
Directions here and rates here.

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