09 January 2013

To 9 Years and Beyond!

Happy 9th, Don!  91 more? :-)
I scanned this photo because our wedding photos do not have a digital copy.  Digital photography was very expensive in 2004.  Our video was still on VHS (At least hindi betamax)!  I will never forget our wedding day.  We rushed Mama to the hospital the night before the wedding due to hypertension (and because his only son will soon be married!).  I almost fainted when the reception design I wanted was not followed.  I cried before the wedding march, not because the groom did not show up but because my best friend, my maid of honor was late.  Our guests at the church laughed when they saw Don and I kiss when we met at the center of the aisle (force of habit).  We kissed before we were told "You may now kiss the bride" (atat talaga).  We had wine during our toast, but our guests drank water because the waiters forgot to distribute the wine.  We were so tired we overslept and were late for our trip to Pearl Farm for our honeymoon.  Oh and I left my wedding dress at the hotel.  It was a relief that Waterfront personnel were so nice!

I always laugh whenever we talk about the bloopers during our wedding day.  The things that happened during our wedding day reflects the kind of marriage we have.  It's not perfect, but it's alright because we are happy.  Our plans did not turn out the way we wanted them to be, but it's all right we had fun.  So many mistakes and challenges along the way, but it's alright because we were able overcome them, we learned from them and it made us laugh.

We do not have a "our love song."  We are too cool for that, hahaha.  What a lame excuse!  But when we were still starting our respective careers (aka we had no money), we used to sing this often:

"Even though we ain't got money 
I'm so in love with ya honey 
Everything will bring a chain of love 
In the mornin' when I rise 
Bring a tear of joy to my eyes 
And tell me everything's gonna be all right"

There will be a lot of challenges and difficulties but I hope we will always stay in love.  Don and I have more to discover and learn about each other.  Now that we have Julia, our relationship goes beyond husband and wife.  We need to strengthen and nourish our relationship so that we can be a great dad and mom to Julia.  With help from our cheering squad (aka family and friends) and with God as the center of our relationship, we look forward to more years of love and happiness!

Hey, aside from the wedding anniversary that Don and I are celebrating today, I am so happy because my name is on Smart Parenting - January - February 2013 issue!  Read Frances Amper Sales' article - "Get Rid of Dating Guilt! - and learn how to strengthen your relationship by having guilt-free dates.  Tee-hee, that's where you will see my name ;-)

Downloaded my copy from Zinio.
Enjoy the rest of the week!
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