12 February 2013

I am a Certified Photo Addict

When I was pregnant with Julia, the wife of my former boss encouraged me to have a maternity photo shoot.    She said documenting through photos and videos is the best way we can share memories with our kids.  I agree, but me posing in front of a camera?!  Seriously!  Me?  Posing with a huge ball under my shirt in front of a camera is improbable! It's not just about insecurity because I feel huge and ugly while I was pregnant.  You see, even when I was not pregnant, I do not like being photographed.  My wedding was probably the only time I happily agreed to participate with a camera.

Anyway, the pep talk about documenting memories got me thinking about actually booking for a maternity photo shoot.  How hard can it be right?  And if I don't look great, good or even acceptable in the photos, who will know, right?  So, with so much hesitation, I booked the 4th photo shoot of my 30+ years of existence (First was high school graduation, then college graduation and 3rd was my wedding day).

I'm glad I decided to do the maternity photo shoot.  I indeed have something to show Julia when she's all grown up.  She can even use it for her future debut and wedding AVPs (Prepared?  tee hee!).  Also, my maternity photo shoot started an "obsession" that my husband approves... photo shoots for Julia!

If I intend to continue with this "obsession" you might suggest that I should just buy a really good camera and take the photos myself.  I thought of that but I don't think I have the skill to take good photos and I do not have time (and the patience!) for photography lessons.  So, I just leave it to the experts!

We have a Canon G7 that my father bought from Japan years ago.  It was his gift for us when he found out I was pregnant.  To date, I have thousands of photos of Julia and our family.  Documenting Julia's life through photos made me curious about my own childhood photos.  So I asked my parents to send me my photo albums.  This is what they sent me:

A total of 112 photos. Yup, 112.  I laughed but I understand.  Taking photos before is not as easy as it is now.  For those of you who are as young as I am, remember buying films and going to a developing center to have your photos printed?  Though most of Julia's photos are saved on a hard drive (and 2 others for back up), I make sure I print our favorite shots.  Also, professional photographers provide printed photos in high quality paper.  I will definitely frame those photos and make a wall gallery in our home.  Getting a professional is expensive but for me, it's totall worth it.

How about you, how do you document memories with your child?

CRUISIN' MOMMYHOOD'S RECOMMENDATIONS:  Just in case you will ask, I have 3 favorites -- Sofia Genato of Stork Studio, Stan Ong and Pau Bengero.  For studio photo shoots, we go to Stork Studio.  My new favorite is Stan Ong.  He is great with kids!  I met him when he was still with Stork Studio.  Now, he has his own -- Stan Ong Photography.  His skills, patience (and fashion sense for kids) is highly commendable.  Don, Julia and I had a great time working with him.  Pau Bengero is also our family's favorite.  Aside from his skills in photography and his creativity, he is accommodating and kind.  He photographed Julia when she was newborn, and during her dedication and 1st Birthday.  He was not available for Julia's second birthday so I recently contracted the services of Leo Dino.  He's good too!  
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