10 April 2013

Great Weekend... As Planned!

I love it when our weekend goes well as planned.  Yes, yes, I am slightly a control freak.  I list down all that we need to do, to buy, which mall, what errand to prioritize and of course, where to go for our family bonding.  Hey, with a long list like ours and only 2 days to accomplish them, someone has to write and plan things right?  Right?

Anyway, Expo Mom at the Rockwell Tent was of course included in our itinerary.  I was glad to see Neva of Manila Mommy, Rone of Mothering Earthlings, Cai of Apples and Dumplings / Paper Chic Studio, Mommy Fleur, Tin of Sassy Hairsies and the mommy behind Mommy Mundo and Expo Mom, Janice Villanueva.

We only stayed there for a few minutes.  Yes, we were already running late for our next agenda.  We bought Julia's swim wear for a family activity the next day (will tell you all about that soon), yummy Cupcakes by Sonja, super cute clips from Sassy Hairsies, Washi Tapes and the irresistible hand-made letters and animals from Paper Chic Studio.

Everything was as scheduled except that we went to Expo Mom 2013 last Sunday instead of Saturday.  Nevertheless, our weekend was productive and most of all, fun!

How about you?  How was your weekend?
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