06 April 2013

Oh Saturday, How I Love You!

I love Saturdays!  Ever since I got my Saturdays back, I have been enjoying every minute of it.  Don and I spend time with Julia and we do a lot of errands.  Here's what we have lined up for today:

  • Visit two preschools that we are considering for Julia.  She is 2 years and 2 months now and we are starting to look for options to evaluate.
  • Pay bills and do other bank transactions - We do not have time to go to the bank during weekdays so we chose the bank that is open during Saturdays and has a branch inside our favorite mall.  
  • Visit my former employer to get my last pay (woohoo!), certificate of employment and other important documents.  I am so excited to see former colleagues again.
  • It's Don's haircut day and I have an appointment at Browhaus. 
  • Last but not the least, we are going to Expo Mom at the Rockwell Tent.  I have a few items on my shopping list so I hope to buy them all later.  I am excited to see some mom friends too!  Check out the schedule of activities here.  So will I see you there?

What are your plans today?  Well, whatever they are, take care and have fun okay?

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