24 April 2013

Panakip Butas?

Don and I have been married for 9 years, 3 months and 16 days. We spend most of our time together especially after Julia was born. Because of our work schedule, we spend our Saturdays doing errands like paying bills, going to the supermarket, going to the salon for grooming or other household chores that we need to accomplish. Sundays, we either go to a park to walk or spend time at the mall for shopping or dining, or stay home to sleep, cuddle and giggle, or go on a road trip or go out for a swim, or anything as long as we are together.

Last Saturday, on our way home from a birthday party we attended, Don and I realized how "disconnected" we are from our friends. We miss them. Most of them are out of the country, but for friends who are still here, we go out with them for a quick lunch/dinner or see them at parties, but we don't really spend time with them to meet, catch up, travel or do whatever to relax or have fun.

I have almost 500 people in my contact list (80% are work-related) but I can only count with 1 hand, friends I am really close with. I rarely see them and when I do, those are times when there is an occasion, when they need my assistance, when Don is out of the country or when Don is out with his friends (which is not often too). I am ashamed to admit that often, it is because Don is not around.

Yes, for many years I have made my closest friends a "panakip butas". If I ask them out or I am available to meet them, they would smile and ask "San si Don?". They know but they still love me anyway. They know but they will free their schedule so we can meet up and spend time to catch up. I have few but great friends, right?

So last Saturday, Don and I made a resolution to spend more time with our friends... within reasonable limits of course :-) Our family is still our topmost priority. However, wevshould not only focus on family and work. We should also spend time developing ourselves, strengthening relationships with friends and meeting new people. Balancing priorities, things we HAVE to do and things we WANT to do won't be easy, but it is worth a try. Remember, a happy mommy and daddy will make happy children and of course, a happy family.

Are you in a similar situation? What do you do to spend time with your friends? How do you spend time with your friends?

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