05 April 2013

{Road Trip} North Forbes Park

About a month ago, I went to the house of Julia's ninong to drop off something.  I passed by their village park and wished I brought her with me.  I stopped for a few minutes to walk around the park.  Don and I dream of living in a village with a nice and safe park.  It would be great of she can go out to the park a few hours each day instead of being stuck at home.

I shared in my previous post that Don and I are looking for a new house.  If you know of place that you can highly recommend, please send me an email.  We are taking the decision process slowly but surely.  We want to make the right choice.  A swimming pool and a beautiful park in the area are definitely part of our New-House-Must-Have checklist.  Sigh.  Someday...  Soon, I hope. Meanwhile, check out the photos I took while I was walking around.

 What is your dream house location like?

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