12 April 2013

Weekend! Already?

Time surely flies when you are... Sooooo busy! And having fun, of course. Yesterday I was at Thunderbird Resort in Rizal to facilitate teambuilding activities. Now I am at NAIA Terminal 2 waiting for my flight to General Santos City.

I can't believe I am already on my third month at my new work. It feels like 6 month! I have learned so much and I have experienced a lot of new things. At this point, it is an understatement to say that I am enjoying my new job. Most important of all, I have more time with my family. I will share with you some of my learnings from work about safety and family on my next posts. Don't worry, I won't bore you with our industry and line of business.

Though work started early today (I was at the airport at 4am!), I am looking forward to the end of today because my dad and my brother will pick me up in GenSan and we will have a road trip back to Davao. I have a few hours to spend with my parents and my brother's family before my flight back to Manila tomorrow.

We are about to board... Gotta go! It's Friday Super Moms! What are your plans this weekend?


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