03 May 2013

Julia's 2nd Birthday Celebration

I plan to document Julia's birthday celebrations every year.  I was not able to post her first birthday celebration in my blog so I was glad Neva invited me to share some details and photos at Manila Mommy. Like the same time last year, I was too busy at work so this birthday post is 3 months late.  I hope you don't mind, I will still share Julia's 2nd birthday celebration.

I promised Don last year that we will have a simple celebration when Julia turns 2.  Don wants to invite family and Julia's godparents only.  Well, that was the plan.  We started listing down names, we added a few close friends and the final count of guests was 30.  We looked for a restaurant with a private function room but the price seem expensive for a "simple dinner" gathering.  So Don finally agreed to celebrate Julia's birthday with a party.  We will not only celebrate our little princess' special day, we also want to take the opportunity to catch up with our family and friends.  Don was very pleased about the "new plan" but until this day, he believes I set him up.

These were our considerations for the party:
  • Venue where kids can play, moms can chat and a few dads can drink alcohol.  
  • Must be accessible to most guests.
  • Hassle-free for me -- I do not want to worry about the program, etc.
  • Must not be expensive.
We had about a month to put things together.  It was pretty easy... it felt like God orchestrated everything to fall into place and make the celebration a success.  You'll know why as you read on :-)

The Venue

We were walking along Bonifacio High Street and passed by Texas Roadhouse Grill when we saw light bulbs around our heads.  We love the food there.  When we inquired, we found out that they have inexpensive birthday package options and the supervisor-in-charge that we talked to was very accommodating and easy to deal with.  We had no serious problems (except for the sound system but that was quickly resolved) or difficulties during the preparations so I highly recommend them as a party venue.

Spaghetti and fries for the kids.

For adults - Corn on the cob, texas rice, crispy calamari,
Geronomio's seafood pasta marinara and grilled pork chops! 
The Theme

Thinking of a theme started to be a challenge at first.  How can Mickey Mouse, Pororo or Doc McStuffins blend into the venue?  Then we realized that Julia loves horses and we remembered my mother-in-law telling us that she bought a cowboy hat and boots for Julia in Texas.  She will be coming home for a vacation and she insisted on buying a Texas outfit for Julia as pasalubong.  I wasn't too excited about it then, thinking she will not be able to use them.  Well, for the first time, I'm glad my mother-in-law did not listen to me. Haha!  The cowboy hat and boots were perfect!  I bought the dress from Mothercare.

The Invitation

I attempted to design Julia's invitation.  I really did.  But after several tries, I decided to email Patricia of Fancy Girl Designs.  I know she has a lot of projects lined up but I still asked if she can accommodate.   Without hesitation, she said yes!  She must have felt my desperation when she read my email.

I love Patricia!  She designed my blog site and logos.  She is very creative, accommodating and her designs are worth every peso you spend.  

The Cake and Giveaways

Tazzy Cake was recommended by Jenny of Chronicles of A Nursing Mom.  I was impressed with the cake! I like dealing with suppliers who are easy to talk to and accommodating and Cat is one of them.  This will not be the last time I will order from her.

For the giveaways for adult guests, I purchased bags of chocolates from Duty Free.  I placed them in Paper Chic Studio's baking cups.  For the kids, Julia's ninong bought some really nice small horses from the States. I placed them inside Paper Chic Studio's favor bags together with a few healthy snacks.  I also used baker's twine to add color to the giveaways.

We had fun during the party.  The program was very short.  We only had a few fun games so everyone can have more time to relax, reconnect and catch up.  I want Julia's birthday celebrations to be a fun gathering of family and friends.  Let's see if I can convince Don to do this again next year ;-)

Photos by Leo Dino
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