20 July 2013

Go! Go! Go! Kindermusik

I just got a text reminder from Kindermusik with Teacher Jeannie and Company.  It's Julia's 1st day tomorrow and we are so excited to start another Kindermusik Our Time semester!  After weeks of hearing Julia ask about Teacher Jeannie, we are back to our regular Sunday routine. 

We completed Our Time - Go! Go! Go! last month.  It was one of our favorites.  Julia likes vehicles more than dolls (That is Don's fault! Ha!), so she loved every minute of this transportation adventure with Teacher Jeannie and Teacher Maya.

Aside from singing, dancing, playing with musical instruments and story-telling, there were arts and crafts activities too!

Dahil serious kami, this became our Saturday night date :)

The result!  Impressed?  Well, you should have seen the train of the other kids... yun ang career!

Designed and made by Don... taga paste lang ako :)
Let's not forget Julia's favorite part - snack time!  Before eating, Teacher Jeannie and Teacher Maya show us how the snacks can turn into a transportation.  Julia and I end up just eating... Maygad!  I hope my daughter will be more creative than I am.

House dapat pero I wasn't able cut properly, so tent na lang.  Hahaha! 
Follow me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter -- I will share our 1st day fun experience tomorrow.  If you are interested to enroll, check Kindermusik Teacher Jeannie and Company website here.
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