10 July 2013

My Gadget Travel Essentials

Rise and shine!  Good morning!  I am at the airport again for another business trip.  Sigh.  I clearly have a love-hate relationship with the career I have chosen.  But that's for another blog post.

Anyway, my iPhone, iPad and Blackberry are always with me.  Because I travel a lot lately,  I am praning about "low bat" and "no bat".  So my handbag is extra heavy because of my "no to no connectivity" pouch.

Here's what's inside:

I subscribed to a post paid plan with unlimited internet for my iPhone so the Pocket Wifi is prepaid.  I use it if my mobile phone signal is bad or when I need to work using my iPad.

Don bought a Cooler Master portable battery charger for me a few months ago.  He knows me too well (I am not a flowers-chocolates-jewelries type of girl), so his gift absolutely made my day!  My first option is to look for an electrical socket but when there is none or when it is inconvenient, I use the portable battery charger.
I use the older generation of iPad and iPhone so I use the same USB connector for both.  I use the Blackberry USB connector for the Pocket Wifi and Cooler Master battery charger.

So if you see me and you need to connect to the internet or you need to charge your phone, let me know.  I am quite sure I can help.

What gadgets do you bring and how do you stay connected?
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