02 July 2013

My Thoughts about World War Z

As soon as the movie ended, I told Don that my heart did not stop racing until Gerry Lane and his family were safe inside the ship.  Yes, this post is about World War Z.  The moment I realized that Gerry and Karen's objective was to keep their daughters safe and alive, I felt a lump on my throat.  Everything happened so fast and the couple made all the right decisions to keep them alive and together.  I immediately thought of Julia.  If the situation requires, will Don and I be as brave, strong, quick, focus and decisive?  Are we properly trained to handle emergency situations?  I am of course not referring to being attacked by zombies (though zombies in the movie are not depicted as supernatural but as human beings infected by a virus.  I'm starting to wonder if this can actually happen in the future).

I am worried about earthquake, typhoon, flood, fire, an epidemic and other emergency situations that can happen in our country.  Here are a few thoughts that I had after the movie:

  • I'm glad I know how to drive.  It will be useful in some emergency situations.
  • We should teach Julia to be street smart.  At the right age, she should know basic skills to protect herself and keep herself safe.
  • Trust each other.  Trust each family member.  Ang hilig ko pa naman magtanong ng bakit everytime Don asks me to do something.
  • A good thing can be a result of something bad.  In the movie, it is ironic how a disease or illness can protect you and keep you alive.
  • What if something bad happens while Don and I are at work?  Yaya Lani and MIL should know what to do as well.
  • We should consider keeping a backpack with essentials like flashlight, medicines, clothes, etc.  inside our house and cars.  A bag that we can just grab in case of emergency.  Puro sapatos lang ang nasa trunk ng car ko. 
  • Will I be able to remain calm in situations where I need to be strong for Julia?  E flying ipis pa nga lang, natataranta na ako! :-\
I am glad we watched World War Z.  I think it was a good movie.  We planned to watch Man of Steel because a story about zombies was not appealing to me.  I guess it was a good thing that Man of Steel was no longer showing in Robinsons Magnolia.  Date night last Friday was really fun.  Food was yummy in Thai Bistro and of course, World War Z did not disappoint us.

'Til our next date night!  How was your weekend? 

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