03 July 2013

Our Love Story with Crayola

Ever since Julia turned 2, keeping her busy has been very challenging, especially when we are dining out. We bring toys to keep her in the high chair while we are eating but she would rather play with whatever is on the table (salt and pepper shakers, utensils, etc.) or she will insist on walking or running around the restaurant.

One weekend, while eating at our favorite restaurant, the waiter offered crayons and activity sheets for Julia. She was eating, giggling and coloring all at the same time!  After that, I bought a Crayola Big Crayons and a cheap sketch book.  Since then, these (and some other products of Crayola) have become an essential part of Julia's diaper bag.  I tried other brands as well but because I was not satisfied with the quality, I only buy Crayola for Julia.

I grew up using Crayola and I love coloring and drawing with Julia.  Hence, I couldn't hide my excitement when the SoMoms (yup, I'm a SoMom!  I will tell you all about it soon!) were invited by AMSPEC and Gymboree a few weeks back for an afternoon of fun and colors.

Julia and Erik listening well to what Teacher Rain is saying.
Other Crayola products

I will try the erasable crayons soon... 

AMSPEC is the maker of T-Pencil and Crayola writing implements.  According to Mr. Wood, President of AMSPEC, all their products have been tested and certified to be absolutely child-friendly and toxin-free. These products go through rigorous testing procedures and all materials are tested to make sure that there are no toxic elements in them.

Now that Julia is exploring and enhancing her writing and coloring skills, there are two things that make me frown.  First, I panic every time she puts her Crayola in her mouth.  I was relieved when I found out from Mr. Wood that the pigments of Crayola products are imported from the US and have passed the European EN 71.3 testing.  They are so committed to safety that even the labels of the crayons are made of non-toxic soya inks.  The paper used is acid-free and bleach-free.  I know the best way to deal with Julia putting crayons in her mouth is to distract her and explain to her the proper way of using writing and coloring materials.  But it helps to purchase only safe and child-friendly products like Crayola and T-Pencil.

Second, I get frustrated when Julia writes on walls, car seat, linens, furniture, and even on her body.  So I was thrilled to be introduced to the Crayola Pip-Squeaks during the event.  These are washable markers perfect for my little artist.  I just have to make sure I have wet wipes and alcohol with me all the time.

One important take away I got that afternoon, aside from using only safe products like Crayola for Julia, is to "Focus on the process and not the outcome.  Allow your child to create her own masterpiece."  Thank you Crayola, AMSPEC, Gymboree for a wonderful, colorful and fun afternoon!

My fellow SoMoms.. Julia and I left early so We're not in the photo :(
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