05 July 2013

{Road Trip} Back at Fort Santiago

Fort Santiago is still our favorite park.  A couple of weeks back (x10 ata... this is a super late post!), we ordered our favorite McDonald's Happy Meal and visited Jose Rizal again.

Now that Julia is two, she is exploring her surroundings more.  While walking around, we heard her say "Wow!" several times.  So cute, I swear!  She giggled non-stop!  She enjoyed looking at the flowers and birds around the park.  She asked us a million times, "Mommy, what's this?"  "Daddy, what's that?".  So annoying yet so adorable.

She won't stop saying "ride horse" until we ageed to ride the Kalesa with her.  It was a bit expensive but when we saw Julia so happy, it was the best P150.00 we ever spent on!

I always visit The Dungeon when we are there.  I cannot imagine how 600 Filipinos fit inside that hole... it's heartbreaking I tell you.  It feels weird sometimes when I see Japanese tourists visit this place.  I often wonder how they feel after reading this:

Julia is scared of these priests. 

I noticed that there are now a lot of people visiting the park.  I have mixed feelings about this.  I am happy that people take time to visit a national treasure such as Fort Santiago.  It makes me smile when I hear parents explain to their kids Fort Santiago's rich history or when students proudly tell their parents they know who Jose Rizal is. 

The park is well-maintained and clean.  I hope they keep it that way. 

We will be back soon, that's for sure. 
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