19 July 2013

#SoMoms #BetterMe

I posted this on my instagram a few months ago.  Yup, it's official, I am a #SoMom.

Being a #SoMom, I am an active influencer in social media.  I am always online.  I will continue to share my discoveries, advice, and reflections that are relevant to my readers.  I will not forget that my values, beliefs and points of view shape my unique voice as a blogger.  Aside from taking my blog and my role as a blogger to a whole new level, I am excited to meet new friends.  I do not have a lot of mommy friends so I am really looking forward to be part of this group of dynamic individuals, all mothers (and a dad!) who I can relate to and learn from.  They won't be bored with my mommy stories.  They know EXACTLY what it means to love and dislike something (or someone!) all at the same time.  They know how it feels like to be awake for 20 hours but still be able to get up early and work on what needs to be done.

I follow most of the pioneer members of the SoMoms.  They have helped me a lot when I was starting my new life as a mom.  Some have even become my friends.  I interact with them online, most of the time.  So I was really excited when I received an invitation to meet all the SoMoms!  Not online but face to face :)

Last June 15 (forgive my late post), SoMoms had a mompreneur meetup and get together at Wine Bar 1771, 2nd Floor Cafe 1771, El Pueblo.

Photos from My Mom Friday
Some (so meaning meron pa akong ibang binili!) of the items I bought.
Thanks again My Mom Friday for the Paper Chic photo
Aside from the sumptuous meal and my shopping madness, my favorite part was when each of the SoMoms shared a presentation about their family, passion/advocate and blog.  It's amazing how we are alike and yet different and unique from each other.  We come from different family backgrounds.  We have a good mix of momprenuers, work-out-of-home and stay-at-home moms.  Our personalities and opinions are different from each other.
Despite the differences, we work well together. That is because we uphold the same set of values and share the same priorities.  We have a common goal and that's to be a better mom and wife... to be a better individual.  A #BetterMe.  Each day is an opportunity to improve ourselves so we can be the best for our family... our children.

My journey as a #BetterMe has just begun and I am glad to be with the SoMoms (and SoDad, of course) as I embrace this new phase in my life.

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