31 August 2013

Mommy's {Road Trip} Singapore

I was in Singapore for 5 nights a few weeks ago to attend a business meeting. I dread travelling, especially if I will be away from my family for a long time.  But for this trip, I was a little excited. It was my first time in Singapore and I planned on meeting a couple of Singapore-based Filipino friends there.

When I arrived, instead of renting a car which will cost me SG$65, I decided to take the airport bus for only SG$9.  I know my employer will pay and I even have a corporate credit card to to cover such expense. I just cannot bring myself to spend SG$56 more for something that will attain the same objective -- I boarded in front of the arrival gate and I alighted in front of the hotel lobby.

The country is clean.  Really clean!  No beggars, heavy traffic and polluted air that greeted me on my way to the hotel. 

I stayed at the Gallery Hotel.  Nice but not the kind of service I expected. 

I arrived mid day so I had the whole afternoon to unpack, iron my clothes and go to Ikea!  I'm glad I am allowed 20 kilos of luggage only, if not, I would have exhausted my credit limit! 

After Ikea, while deciding where to eat dinner, Don's friend and I decided to take the bus instead of taxi. The long waiting line at the taxi stand was very discouraging. So we rode the bus and it was quite a nice experience for me.  

We had a nice dinner at a chinese retaurant.  For those who follow me on Instagram, I ranted about having to pay for house water. SGD$0.30!!!  

We sort of got a little confused with the bus route, so we decided to take a cab going back to the hotel.

I must say that I am really impressed with the public transportation system of Singapore.  I hope we can implement the same for the Philippines.  I love their taxis there -- may resibo na, the drivers are hi tech pa!  The driver was not familiar with the hotel I was staying in, so she (yes she) asked for the zip code and referred to google maps using her iphone!

It was a productive week for me.  I learned a lot and I was able to connect with the rest of the HR team in the asia pacific. 

During our meeting, I was so proud when some of the initiatives in the PH office were showcased and other AP countries were encouraged to use our framework. Oh and I was given a recognition award too (**kilig**).

CSR was part of the agenda.  We baked cupcakes and cookie for kids living in the orphanage.  It was my first time to bake and I will never look at a cookie or a cupcake the same way again.  Baking is not easy at all!

I didn't go out much after our sessions.  I did not even bother to visit the famous Merlion.

I met with a good friend around the area and I can see from afar the lights from the Merlion Park but I was actually uninterested to go around for sightseeing.  Honestly, I miss Don and Julia and I would like to visit Singapore again and explore the country with them. I will forever be thankful to technology for making my business travels more bearable.

I hope this will be my last out-of-the-country business trip for the year.  So much is happening (aka changes) at home and I am swamped (an understatement) with things to do at work.  Looking at the bright side, I learned a lot durig the trip and of course, I had lots of quiet me-time.

What's your latest travelling experience?
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