12 August 2013

{Monday Motivation} 3 Ways I Deal with Set-Backs

I had a challenging start of the week.  Sometimes I really feel like walking away from my responsibilities.  But I love what I do and I can't just stop working.  So, to save myself from insanity, here are 3 ways I deal with stress:

1.  I talk to people who can encourage and inspire me.  I talk to people who can help me (directly and indirectly) deal with my concerns. I stay away from negatrons!  They make me feel worse than I already feel.  

2.  I cry, eat and laugh.  I feel better after. Crying helps me off-load the emotional baggage.  Once I'm done with the drama, I move on to eating. I remind myself that this is better than smoking.  Then, I laugh a lot! I don't nurse my negative feelings so I try to find humor in all that I do.

3.  I pray and appreciate all my blessings.  I don't ask for my troubles to disappear.  Instead, I pray for strength, humility and wisdom.

The past 6 months has been crazy.  But I am having fun, I am learning a lot and I am meeting a lot of great people.  So stress is part of my life, I just need to be better in dealing with it.

How do you deal with stress?
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