02 August 2013

{Road Trip} Davao Vacation Part 1 - Cebu Pacific

Road Trip is back! I am so excited to share with you our recent (and not so recent) road trips. Let's start with our Davao vacation. 

Last month, Don, Julia and I visited my hometown to celebrate my grandfather's 93rd birthday. Lolo knew some of his children will visit him, but he did not expect that all of them will be there (oh except 1, pala) and that I will be there with my family to celebrate his special day. So Lolo, including my parents were surprised to see us! For the first time, our surprise was not a failure.

The birthday celebrant
My aunt booked our tickets and I was a bit disappointed when I found out that we were flying Cebu Pacific. I prefer to fly Philippine Airlines because it is less stressful for me, especially when travelling with a toddler. NAIA Terminal 2 is more organized and more comfortable. So anyway, to prepare for the flight, I checked-in online and I paid to select our seats we prefer.  I hate sitting at the far end of the plane. 

So all went well, we boarded the plan without any problem.  Until the flight attendant saw Julia and informed us that we cannot sit at the exit row.  Infants and toddlers are not allowed to sit there.  I told him we paid for the seats and if it is not allowed why did the system allow me to purchase knowing that I will be travelling with a toddler.  He said it MIGHT be a system problem.   Then, he said that the system is not capable of determining if age of the passenger when selecting a seat.  Duh.  Okay, so why did the lady at the NAIA 3 check-in counter issue us the boarding pass and did not mention about the policy.  I was carrying Julia so I'm sure she noticed that I will be travelling with a toddler.  I told him that I am fine transferring seats if that is the policy and if it is for the safety of my family.  But, I asked him about the payment I made for the seats.  Then he answered, "P300 lang naman po..."  I was speechless!  I was about to reply, when his colleague interrupted us by apologizing and assuring me that I can call Cebu Pacific's customer assistance number and they will be able to help me.

Unbelievable!  P300 lang naman?!  Really?! I seriously cannot remember how much I paid extra to reserve those seats but to insult me by saying that?! P300 matters to me!  As expected, no one from their Customer Service hotline was able to help me.  To save myself from further stress and disappointment, I changed our seats for our flight back to Manila.  I wish I didn't purchase those seats in the first place.  It was not worth it.  I may have chosen the wrong seats, but at least the system could have blocked the purchase or the person at the check-in counter could have informed us.  

Aside from that incident, our flights went well.  They were not delayed, in fact, we arrived earlier than scheduled.  Julia enjoyed her plane ride and could not stop saying "Ride plane mommy!"  Our flight back to Manila was a different kind of stressful situation for me.  Julia pooped and it smelled so bad!  Hahahaha! Some passengers smiled, some frowned (especially the guy who was about to eat his sandwich).  That did not bothered me at all.  What was challenging was cleaning and changing her diaper inside the plane's small lavatory.  Have you tried doing that?  Let me know your style and ways so I know what to do next time.

After that, plane ride was stress-free.

Putting on her seatbelt and while singing Kindermusik's Buckle Up song
Our flight was almost lunch time so we brought baon for Julia.
Thank God for Crayola washable colored pens!
Busy little girl...
I'm glad Julia loves the different kinds of transportation (car, airplane, train, boat) so she did not cry during our airplane rides.  We look forward to our next vacation... I wonder where it will be next...

What are your stressful travelling-with-a-toddler moments?
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