16 August 2013

{Road Trip} Davao Vacation Part 2 - Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

{Road Trip} Davao Vacation Part 1 - Cebu Pacific

When in Davao (except during business trips), I always make it a point to visit Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort.  My vacation is never complete without going here.  Every since I was a child, my family and I love to go there every weekend, eat breakfast and go back home before lunch.  Don knows how much I love this place so he definitely agreed to go there with Julia.

The Km. 9 Paradise Island dock in Sasa is about 5-7 minutes from our house.  They have a parking area there where you will leave your vehicle.  Make sure you bring everything with you because going back to get something you forgot is not easy.

Julia enjoyed our boat ride.  I'm glad she likes the beach as much as I do.
We arrived at around 9am and was greeted by courteous employees there.  Entrance fee is P200.00 per person.  You may bring food but you cannot bring water or any drinks.

Aside from dining and swimming at the beach, there are a lot that you and your family can do there so the P200.00 is sulit.  My nephews and niece enjoyed kayaking for an hour.  The oldies, on the other hand, spent the time eating and laughing.  It was great to catch up with them.

Julia cannot stop giggling.  She was so happy to play on the beach.  I, on the other hand was worried about her skin.  My annoyed sister told me to let Julia enjoy the sun and the sand.  She reminded me that our parents allowed me to enjoy as well when I was young.  Okay, fine.

We stayed there a little past 2pm.  We planned to leave by lunch but the kids were having too much fun.  Julia couldn't stop saying "swim".  She agreed to stop playing in the water and change when I told her we are going to ride the boat again.  Buti na lang mabilis mag move on ang anak ko!

When you are in Davao, I hope you include Paradise Island in your itinerary.  I'm sure you will love it there.

Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort
Samal Island, Davao
Visit their very informative website here.
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