16 August 2013

I'm a Kindermusik Teacher at Home

We are enjoying our Kindermusik Our Time Marvelous Me program this semester.  This is our 5th program with Kindermusik and we love all the learning tools provided in every class - Music CDs, books and musical instruments.  We use them at home and we bring them with us during our road trips.

During our last Our Time program, Go Go Go!, I was happy when Teacher Jeannie informed us that there won't be any CDs for this program because she will be emailing us a link to access the songs online instead!  Parents were very excited (haha parang kami yung students!).  That means we can literally bring Kindermusik with us anytime and anywhere!

Kindermusik @ Home is a web-based digital learning resources and solutions that educators and parents can use to extend a family's Kindermusik experience outside the classrooms.  It houses digital textbooks, teacher's lesson guides, learning games and activities. 

Easy Registration

To access the link, register at my.kindermusik.com.  You will be directed to the Kindermusik @ Home homepage.

Click Create Account and input required information to create your account.

So easy! Right? Right! If you are currently enrolled, you will receive an email notification that your materials and songs for the class can be accessed in your account. 

Our Very Own Kindermusik Class

Here are the Marvelous Me online materials we received in our Kindermusik @ Home account:

There are lots of fun learning activities - storytelling, songs, video field trip, arts and crafts and games.  It is like a lesson plan containing instructions for all the activities.  At home (and sometimes inside the car), I can now be Julia's Kindermusik teacher.

On-line Kindermusik Library

Aside from the instructions of the learning activities, it contains songs not just of the current program that Julia is attending but also past programs.  

We can also access songs from past programs we attended like Fiddle Dee Dee and Milk and Cookies.  So we can sing our favorite songs, yey!

Convenient, Anytime, Anywhere

Best part is, it is web-based.  So if you have wifi or 3G connection, you can access this using your tablet or smart phone.  If you are not comfortable with technology, don't worry, it is so easy to use and navigate.  

Assistance is always available.  When I couldn't find the album of Julia's program, I emailed the global customer service and I quickly got a reply.  When I lost the class code, I emailed Teacher Jeannie and she immediately provided me with the link.

Kindermusik has not completely turned high tech.  They believe in the balance of using traditional tools like books and musical instruments and the convenience and sophistication of technology.  Kindermusik believes that "children can benefit from a responsible and age-appropriate use of technology in combination with hands-on experiences and in partnership with an actively involved caregiver"

Looking forward to our class tomorrow.  If you are interested to know more about Kindermusik with Teacher Jeannie and enroll your child, visit www.teacherjeannieandcompany.com.

Kindermusik with Teacher Jeannie & Company has proudly ranked among top 1% of Kindermusik programs in the world for the seventh consecutive year -- placing in the top 3 out of over 5,000 programs worldwide.

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