23 September 2013

{Monday Motivation} Lesson from our Motorcycle Accident

After my business meeting this afternoon, Don, Julia and I dropped by Mandaue Foam, Shaw Boulevard.  As we turned left to enter their basement parking, I noticed a motorcycle going straight at us, not slowing down! I freaked out the moment I heard a loud noise. He hit our car and the first thing that came to mind was "Julia!".  Julia was strapped in her car seat but the motorcycle hit her side of the car.

I jumped right out of the car and walked towards the driver of the motorcycle.  Don was shouting at him saying "ano problema mo, yung anak ko nakasakay sa kotche!".  I also shouted at him, "kung wala kang pakialam sa buhay mo, ako may pakialam sa buhay ng anak ko!"

I went on asking him if he saw us turn left.  It was impossible he didn't see us because he was still far from us hence he had time to stop.  He answered, "mahina yung brakes e. Sorry po."

I continued to shout at him asking him if he's driving under the influence of alcohol or prohibited drugs.  He did not slow down when he saw us turn left.  If indeed his brake was not working, he did not look scared or he did not panic at all.  His motorcycle went straight and he did not even try to avoid us.  It was like he did it on purpose!  Don went back to the car and signaled me to get in too.  I was shaking and my heart was raising.  

But, I felt sorry for the guy. Until now, I couldn't help thinking about what happened.  I remembered the story Chris of Mommy Journey posted on her Facebook wall.

To see people as God sees them is very difficult indeed.  With emotions of fear and anger so high, I don't think I can react in a different way.  I was so scared for my daughter's life and so mad at his disregard for safety that I could not bring myself to ask him "are you okay? or "are you hurt?" 

You may say I overreacted.  Well, that means you don't have a child yet.  I mean, no matter how unlikely or impossible, anything that will put your child's safety at risk will freak you out.

I am glad nothing bad happened to my family, the motorcycle driver and his companion.  I know I should not have shouted at him, but my heart argues that he deserved it.  I cannot count how many times I let my emotions dictate my behavior and actions.  I cannot count how many times I have ignored God's will and have done things that displeases him.

Doing the right thing is difficult.  I am far from being Christ-like.  But today made me realize that everyday is an opportunity to change and be a better individual.

 What would you have done?  How would you have reacted?
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