20 October 2013

Every Day should be Sunday

I was on sick leave last Friday because I was not feeling well.  Julia is sick too so we went to the clinic for check up.  Because of this, we decided to skip swim class yesterday (Saturday) but had to go to an event with the #SoMoms.  It tuned out to be a fun-filled lunch!  I will blog about that soon :)

Still sick, we decided to stay home today.    We felt bad about missing our Kindermusik class but Julia's pedia said we should rest.  We spent most of the morning sleeping but dahil tiki tiki kami ni Julia, we decided to make our afternoon awesome!

We created our own Kindermusik class -- in bed!  Thanks to Kindermusik @ Home :)

After our little class, we went to the kitchen to make home-made pizza!  Frances Sales' FB post gave me an idea on how to spend the rest of the afternoon. 

We were about to call it a day when our neighbor (Don's best friend) visited us with his 3-year old son.  Julia was so happy to see Kuya Mateo!  They screamed, rolled, hopped, argued, screamed, sang, danced, cooked and screamed again.

We had a exciting Saturday and we had a fun Sunday.  In short, we had a great weekend!

How was your weekend?
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