23 December 2013

Last Minute Shopping Tip

Going out to do a last-minute shopping for your inaanak?  Last minute or are you just about to start working on your Christmas shopping list because you were too busy with work the entire last quarter of this year?  Well that's the story of my life and I summon the goddess of patience and determination to help me buy everything on my list today.

I am not good with buying the right sizes of clothes so I have decided to buy baby/toddler essentials or toys for my nephews, nieces and mga inaanak.  Luckily I know the specific products to buy.  It was a big help that Don, Julia and I were able to attend a special lunch get-together with the SoMoms and the wonderful people from Bankee Trading.  

Here are some photos of our fun afternoon at Outback Steakhouse, Glorietta:

Yes, Don was with us.  He likes toys too!

Julia was shy at first to join the other SoKids...

Coloring with the SoKids

Favorite area of the SoKids...

So challenging to get a group shot, hahaha

My new BFF :-)

I was totally overwhelmed with the number of brands and type of toys that I am not familiar with.  Don and I kept on saying "may ganon na pala", we sounded like a broken record.  I mean I am familiar with some of the baby and toddler essentials obviously because I have an almost 3-year old daughter.  wwhat Don and I are so outdated about are the toys!  But Don and I are so outdated with toys!  Hahaha!  Anyway, here are some of the brands that may help you with your Christmas shopping.

For baby and toddler essentials:


Toys for Little Boys


Toys for Little Girls

All brands mentioned are available at

So happy shopping and may the goddess of patience and determination be with you too.
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