20 March 2014

Join Welch's The Grapevine & Win A Spa Date with Friends

If you have been following my blog, you know that Don and I want Julia to stay away from unhealthy food. Don and I are working on living a healthy lifestyle and create a healthy environment for Julia.  We should practice what we preach, right?  It's not easy but we are doing our best.  So yes, I am eating more vegetables now and we are cutting down on our soda intake (huhuhu).  We now include fruits, more fish and vegetables and natural fruit juices in our grocery list.  

My MIL recommends Welch's Grape Juice.  I first heard about it from her.   She likes it so much that she gives it as a gift to friends!  According to Welch's website, the whole grape is squeezed to make sure all its grape goodness is in every bottle.  So one daily fruit serving in 1/4 liter consists of 40 grapes in a single glass! Welch's Grape Juice is made of Concord grapes and is rich in polyphenols -- antioxidants that help keep cells and body healthy and high in Vitamin C which helps strengthen immunity.  It is all natural -- no added sugar, flavoring or colors, just like how a healthy juice drink should be.

I recently started following Welch's PH fan page and I like it because it shares a lot of information, not only about Welch's products but also about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle.  In their recent FB post, I learned about this "Grapevine" that they are starting.  Don't worry, this is not the kind of grapevine we avoid. Welch's PH is actually building a network of mothers who can be there for each other.  A community where mothers can share their thoughts, opinions or concerns about anything related to motherhood and family.   

Most of my close friends are still single so I would love to join a community where mothers can talk, share tips, support and nurture each other.  To grow The Grapevine community, Welch's PH is inviting us to share a photo of our own group of mom friends -- our own "grapevine".  Your go-to mom friends who keep you sane as you journey motherhood together.  This sounds fun and exciting because aside from showcasing your gorgeous friends at Welch's PH FB page, you will have a chance to win for you and your friends great prizes from Welch's!  

Here's how:

1.  Like Welch's PH on Facebook.
2.  Post a photo of you with 3-5 mom friends.  
3.  Write the name of your "grapevine" or the name of your group.
4.  Tag your mom friends in the photo and Welch's PH and include #MyWelchsGrapevine 

Choose your photos wisely and promote your entry because entries will be judged based on quality of photo (30%), Grapevine Name (30%), overall creativity (30%) and Facebook likes of the entry (10%).  
Remember, no hashtag and using same photo entry from a group of mom friends will not be considered a valid entry.  Promo period is from March 10 to April 7, 2014.

The prizes?  You and your mom friends (those you tagged in the photo) will enjoy The Spa Party Package (Gift Certificate worth P5k).  Four winners of Welch's Gift Pack will also be selected as consolation prize.

Let's give the word "grapevine" a new meaning.  Share your personal Grapevine so we can build a network of moms for moms!
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