09 April 2014

Julia's Favorite #OOTD - Piccalilly Cicely Tiered Dress

We went to church and guess which dress my little princess picked?  Her Piccalilly dress.  Again!!  I think she just wore this last weekend and now she wants to wear it again, straight from our planchahan.

Same dress.  Different occasions.

You'll be surprised to know that Piccalilly is a line of organic clothes for children.  The usual organic clothes lack color and design, right?  Well this is exactly what motivated Piccalilly founder Hannah Evans to produce a new generation of baby clothing that is eco-friendly, contemporary in design, functional, top quality AND appealing to parents who want to contribute and make a difference in the world.  Piccalilly uses organic cotton.  The clothes are manufactured free from harmful chemicals, uses eco-friendly dyes and audited to the highest ethical standards.

Julia and I may look alike but our preferences in clothes are very different from each other.  My closet is full of jeans, white, pink or black shirts and generic-looking tops.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that my daughter wears shorts, leggings, white, pink, and black tops.  Blame me.  I am training my daughter to be boring like me.  Horror!  Huwag naman sana.  But now that she is 3, she knows what she wants.  Since I've been hearing a lot of "not that mommy", "this mommy" when I dress her up, I let her choose her OOTD.

I bite my lip whenever Julia's preferences are different from mine.  I constantly remind myself that:

My favorite color is not her favorite color.
I like pink, she likes red.  Don hates yellow, she loves yellow.  Sigh.

Julia should wear comfortable clothes.  ALWAYS.
I agree with most moms, kids should dress like kids.  I say no to shoes with high (even not-so-high) heels, sexy clothes and make up.  One time, I let her wear skinny jeans and she walked like a duck!  Poor little Julia, she was so uncomfortable.  But she looked so cute!  No tiis ganda for toddlers.  

I have to help her choose the right clothes for the right occasion.
"You can wear this dress but when we get to the play ground, you have to wear your pants okay?"  Negotiate.  She can change back to her dress after playing or running around.  It's to protect her skin -- she will understand and thank me in the future.

Quality First
Julia wears a lot of hand-me downs so I do not buy a lot of clothes for her.  But when I do, I consider the quality first, then the price.   Quality does not mean expensive branded clothes.  Simply, quality for me is pretty but has functional design, attractive but comfortable fabric, and clean and neat workmanship.

Do you other reminders to add?  What is your child's favorite OOTD?


Thank you Piccalilly for inviting us for lunch and thank you for the gift you gave to Julia.  


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Piccalilly is available at Babyland Shaw, Eastwood Mall and Glorietta 2.  
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