30 May 2014

Hello Again, Glorietta!

May is almost over?!  Time really flies when you are having fun.  Aside from my family's meaningful Mother's Day celebration, I attended 3 great events in Glorietta this month.  It was my first time to come back to Glorietta after a loooooong time and I was pleasantly surprised with the changes!  The mall is more maaliwalas and fun.

The events I attended were Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH), Mom's Wellness Fair and Expo Mom.  I am happy that MYOH and Expo Mom were held at Glorietta.  The event lay-out was more spacious and parking was more convenient.  Don, Julia and I also had fun celebrating Mother's Day.  Glorietta is divided into 5 sections (Glorietta 1-5) and there were different events/activities for moms all around the mall.  The environment was very festive and moms can choose which activity/event they would like to join.

I worked in Makati for 5 years and I used to walk from LP Leviste, pass by Glorietta going to the sakayan in Landmark.   Yes, walk.  That was my daily exercise (which explains why I was much slimmer then).  However, when I resigned from my job and moved to an office in Quezon City, then to Bonifacio Gobal City and finally, in Alabang, I don't go to Makati often.  Truth is, I avoid Makati because it is soooooo traffic there but Glorietta now is worth coming back to (and weekend traffic is a lot bearable!).

Thank you Mommy Mundo for the opportunity to attend these events.  It was definitely a great experience.

Make Your Own Havaianas
May 6, 2014

My first-ever MYOH!!!!
I came early so I was able to ask Neva about the MYPH process.
Sooo many choices!  But I settled for blue and white -- for the love of Don.  Hahaha!
Thank you Kitkat for making His-Hers pair for me and Don.
Conci, Neva, Jackie, Tiffany and Cai were glued at the work area para mauna kami sa pila!

Mom's Wellness Fair
May 11, 2014

The Sexy Chef event was held at the activity center of Glorietta 5.
Great women behind The Sexy Chef -- Chef Barni Alejandro-Rennebeck and Rachel Alejandro.
The Alejandro sisters started with 10 clients and now they have a book, they work with 60 employees, they serve 1,000 meals on a busy day and they have their own show at Cignal.
Visit The Sexy Chef website for more details.
Me, Cai, Patty, Janice and Jackie
After learning how to make easy-to-cook healthy meals, The SoMoms went to Glorietta 1 for the Mom's Wellness Fair.

Activities include Weaves for Mom by Rags2Riches, How Well Do You Know Your Mom and  Mommy Makeover by VMV Hypoallegenics
Mommy Makeover by VMV Hypoallergenics
Cai with R, me, Patty and Jackie
Expo Mom by Mommy Mundo
May 17, 2014

Don, Julia and I dropped by on the 2nd day of the Expo Mom.

With Janice Villanueva, the Super Mom behind Mommy Mundo.

Of course we visited the booth of our favorite SoMoms.
Jenny's Mama.Baby.Love, Cai's Paper Chic Studio, Neva's Manila Baby Shop and Janice's Nurture Nook.
My first time to meet Ives Lim-Esteban of Halo Philippines.
I featured her as this month's Super Mom.
Our first stop was Celestina & Co.
Julia and I with Rhea Santos of Curious Chef Philippines.
This little girl wants me to paint her nails.
She saw my blue nail polish and wants to paint her nails too!  Bought this nail polish for kids at Mama.Baby.Love
Visit Glorietta's Facebook Page and follow them on Instagram and Twitter to know more about their latest events.
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