24 August 2015

I'm Back!!!!

Yes, I am back!!!

If not for Michelle's invitation to Pastry Armoire's Eats a Spa Party, I would not have noticed that the last blog post I published was in August 2014.  Wow, that was a year ago!

Work is busier than the previous year.  Our fiscal year starts every September hence since September 2014, I cannot seem to find time to blog.  I tried but I ended up with unfinished drafts and that-was-the-news-yesterday contents.  To avoid additional stress, I finally succumbed to the demands of my job and family.  I stopped blogging.  I made "I am busy" my convenient excuse not to do others things.    But whenever I check my Facebook account and see posts of other moms, I often doubt my capabilities not just as a mom but as a person.  "She has 3 kids, she has a day job while managing her own business, she blogs almost every week, she goes on vacations with the family, she attends every school activity AND she still looks fabulous!" WTF?!  HOW?!  Sigh.
Work was absolutely challenging and it made me physically and emotionally exhausted.    After a very emotional outburst and sessions with my mentors, I realized that the exhaustion was self-inflicted.  The past 12 months were difficult, but it made me more self-aware and more mature. I know this realization is overused, but I will share it anyway....  The learning opportunities allowed me develop myself as a human resources professional and as a person.  I will write about that soon.

Source:  https://www.pinterest.com/explore/priorities-quotes/
Aside from my work load, I also can't attend most of the events because they are usually scheduled on a weekday.  As much as I want to attend, I am saving my vacation leaves for errands, family staycations and December holidays.  So if I can't attend events and there is nothing interesting about my home-to-work-to-home schedule, what will I write about?  This convinced me all the more to stop blogging.

So the next question now is, why am I blogging again?  Work will have more challenges next fiscal year but I now follow my 60-30-10 rule.  60% of my week should be for my family, 30% for work and 10% for Belle.  Yes, it is now mandatory to have time for myself -- visits to the salon, massages, hang out with friends, read a book, exercise (hmm, we'll see, hahaha), blog or whatever I want to do.  Happy Wife, Happy Life right?

I still cannot attend events during weekdays and I will only blog if I want to.  No schedule, no pressure.  I read Martine's Blissful Blogging Series and I am reminded of why I started blogging in the first place:  To share my story as a working mom and to inspire and help any way I can along the way.  That's what I told her when she asked me during our blogging coaching session almost 2 years ago.

So, now that I got that out of the way, I am ready to blog.  Again.
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