About the blog
I love being a mom. I'd love to stay home with my baby and watch her grow, but I'm a working mom -- proudly so! Though it's not a ride in the park, I am grateful that I get to work to provide for my family.

During morning drives to work with my husband four times out of five in a week, we chat about our daughter, family, our life in general. If you do it right, morning drives and post-work cruises can be a swell thing, even when you're stuck in traffic.

You can talk about so much when you're driving through life -- like me, as I cruise through motherhood. That's why I started this blog: To share my life's loves and lessons as I travel through this street called Mommy-hood.

This site is about being a mom, of course, but it’s also about marriage, stuff I love, being a working mom —everything you'd muse or talk about on a drive around town. You know, the conversations you and I might have while we're driving to the office on a crazy weekday morning.

Thank you for joining me. I hope you enjoy your ride with me, and I hope—as I do when I have anyone over—that you join me every day down Mommy-hood Street.

About the cruisin' mommy
Hi! I'm Belle delos Reyes, first-time mom, long-time workin' girl. Cruisin' Mommyhood is an archive of my learnings and experiences as a first-time working mom trying to maneuver through motherhood with patience, strength and a lot of love. Or -- as I like to put it -- a manual for working moms-to-be where they can find inspiration and practical tips about motherhood. (Is that cheesy? You tell me.)

I welcome you into this big, new world of motherhood. If you're a first-time mom, working mom or mom-to-be, won't you come and join me for the ride?

Email your comments at belle@cruisinmommyhood.com
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